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Angel from a polymer clay

Christmas angel from a polymer clayPolimer clay angel


There is only few weels left before Christmas and New year's eve. The numerous Christmas fairs have already started selling decorations, plastic and glass toys, shiny tinsel and other decorations for Christmas trees. But be honest to yourself, virtually every home will have the same decorations year after year.
To make your holidays more memorable, I offer you a great opportunity with a series of polimer clay lessons, in which we will have very unusual handmade Christmas tree toys. These toys will not only decorate your home and serve as a wonderful gift, but also give you moments of joy to sculpt with the children. It's so fun for kids and adults to follow the process of creating a Christmas tree decorations, as well as take part in it!


Today we'll make an angel.  What do we need for him?
Tools -

  • stationery knife
  • scissors,
  • A thin brush (0 - size)
  • sewing needle or toothpick
  • acrylic pin
  • cotton swabs


  • yellow, white, light pink and brown polymer clay
  • glitter gold,
  • "metallic" acrylic paint with silver and red glitter
  • acrylic black liner,
  • a page from a copybook in cage
  • pastel pencil - raspberry or red color.

Roll out a brown clay into a thin "pancake"

Cut out the star shape template from a paper. The amount of rays is upon your choice, I've made 8 of them

Press the template against the clay, to make sure that it is securely attached and will not move during the next step

Using a stationary knife, cut out the star from a clay

Remove the exccesive, spread evenly glitter powder and set into oven to bake. There is no need to bake it completely, just a couple of minutes will be enough. This is needed so that the base does not change shape while we sculpture an angel

Roll out a pink clay and using a mold, cut out the face of an angel. If you do not have a mold, you can use any bottle cap, just place a cling film before cutting. This will help you to remove the circle easily

Shread some pastel into pouder and using a cotton swap draw cheeks

With a black acrylic paint draw eyes and leave it to dry out. By this time our star is baked enough, remove it and set aside to cool down

Using a needle or a toothpick, shape a nose and place it on a face, also make a mouth with a needle

Attach the face to a star

make small spirals from a yellow clay

and place them on a head. This will be hair of our handmade angel toy

Make a trunk template and cut it ouf from a yellow plastic, just like we did with a star

Roll out small "sausages" from white and yellow clay, these will be angel's wings and hands

place three rows of sausages for wings

Create a feather-like texture pressing a needle or a knife against the wings

Roll two small balls from a pink clay and press them into circles. These will be angel's feet. Place them on the figure, shape arms with a yellow clay. You can use a bead cap for an extra decore

Cover the body of our angel with acrylic glitter paint and set it to oven to bake. Our angel is ready

And for the next lesson we will make a figure of Snegurochka, a Snow Maiden

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