Pazyryk the oldest tufted carpet

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Pazyryk treasure - The oldest tufted carpet

The oldest tufted carpet was found in Altay in Pazyryk Scythians Burials. Among other artefacrs, the fifth tomb contained two carpets, one of them is felt-ebroidered type and the tufted carpet. It measures 183×200 cm and has a knot density of approximately 360 000 knots per square meter, which is a higher knot density than most modern carpets. The middle of the carpet consists of a ribbon motif, while in the border there is a procession with deers and in another border warriors on horses. The Pazyryk carpet was probably manufactured in Persia around 400 B.C. When it was found it had been deeply frozen in a block of ice, which is why it is so well-preserved. The carpet can be seen at the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia

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Thanks to the the permafrost, carpet preserved so perfectly, that it lost only small amount of surface. 
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Pazyryk carpet is divided into several intertwined frames. There are griffons on the first, horsemen in the second, deer on the third and Hun flower-like symbols on the fourth frame. The 24 squares in the middle frame means the 24 Oghuz epos. It was also mentioned that in the Soviet period, they wanted to present this 2500 year old carpet as an armenian carpet. But Azerbaijanian scientists along with some Russian scientists objected to it.  During the restoration of the carpet, scientists proved with facts that the ornaments on carpet is connected with old Turkic traditions.

The most interesting thng about this masterpiece is that it is a carpet inside the carpet. Take a look at the horesemen. The horsecloth under them are actually real carpets, that are traditionally still used by turkish nomad tribes.Masters pictured thed with precise details, showing the patterns used before and still represented in carpets that are weaved these days - waves, tree of life, rat's tooth and so on.
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