Preparing warp and weft for carpet weaving

wool yarn for carpetsHow to prepare wool, warp and weft for carpet weaving

Before we start weaving carpets, a lot of work should be done with preparing all the materials into proper shape skeins. Usually in the weaving schools we spend and least 3 days on this. Once you treated all the yarn, warp and weft it becomes easier, since there are always skeins left for another carpet. And while you are weaving, you as well might take a break and spend one or two days on new arrived yarn. 
Anyway, it is difficult to explain the whole process in words and photos, so I made a video tutorial. First of all you will learn how to prepare skeins of yarn, that we use fore weaving. Those are the funny apple-shaped skeins that will be placed on a loom above your head while weaving knots


Also you will learn to to make a soft warp shuttles. For the further information check a video tutorial





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