Finishing a beaded cord

How to terminate a beaded cordTutorial on finishing a beaded cord

Once you have finished your crochet or needle made beaded cord, you need to terminate it properly and place findings. This tutorial is made on a crochet beaded cord, but in fact there is no difference if you make a turkish or american cord, the final steps are all the same. 
So, how do we terminate and give a finished look to a beaded cord? Let's have a look. You will need

  • a cord,
  • bead caps,
  • needle
  • eye-pins,
  • cutters,
  • round nose pliers,
  • clasp 
  • optionally extention chain

beaded cord termination 01

bind off the cord and spare about 20 cm of the working thread on both sides of a cord. Insert the needle with a thread into a space of a eye-pin
beaded cord termination 02

Make a stitch through the cord's threads
beaded cord termination 03

This will attach the pin to the cord. Make another 4-5 stiches through the eye-pin
beaded cord termination 04

Make a slip knot and tie it securely.
beaded cord termination 05

make 2-3 knots on each side of a pin, pull the thread throught the bunch of threads that formed now and cut the exessive thread
beaded cord termination 06

Place a bead cap on a pin and using a pliers bend the pin on 90 degrees
beaded cord termination 07

Measure 8 mm from a bead cap. Make sure that it is sitting solidly on a cord. Using cutters, remove extra length of a pin
beaded cord termination 08

Use a round nose pliers to shape a loop, place a clasp or extention chain inside the loop and close loop
beaded cord termination 09

This way you can treat all kinds of beaded cords.

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