Peyote stitch Bezel cabochone

кабошон обшитый мозаичным швом How to bezel a cabochone with a peyote stitch

Yes, I'm back with a beading lessons and today we are going to make a bezel another cabochone to make a nice charm necklace. Earlier I did show you how to make bezel with a square stitch and netting, and today we are going to make a peyote stitch

Should I mention, that peyote stitch is one of the most popular stitches used in cabochone embroidery? You can also make figurine "teeth" with a peyote, by weaving parts of a bezel to shape peaks. But for now we are going to make a simplest bezel. For this lesson I've used a interlining, folded into 8 ply and steam-ironed it, since there was a real lack of felt cloth in our LYS and the ordered ones did not arrived, but you can use any felt cloth that is about 1 mm thick and macthes the color. Also this lesson will take you about an hour and a half to make a piece of jewelry. 
Also you need to have size 11/0 Toho seed beads and 11/0 Chezh beads, sea sdiment jasper cabochone, glue, fine leather, watercolor paper, beading thread and needles

Since I used a interliing, I had to apply two layers of a pearl acrylic paint, that gave me a nce glitter of a base when it is visible throught the beads

Glue in the cabochone and make a base row with a backstitch, sewing it 2 toho beads at the same time. Make sure that the row has an even number of beads

Once finished the row, sew it through the next two beads. That will be the beginning of a second row.  Add a bead on a needle, skip the second bead at the base row and insert the needle into the third bead

Keep on working, adding one bead at a time, skiping even beads and inserting a needle into the odd one

My cabochone was pretty flat, so by now I switch to the chezh beads, that are slightly smaller that Toho, but if your cabochone is thicker, make another one or two rows, until the bezel is tall enough to encyst the cab. Continue to add one bead at a time into spaces between beads. Once you add a smaller beads, your bezel will wrap the gem and secure it

Now make another one or two rows with a smaller beads. In the last row, make a additional thread passage, to secure and fix the beads. If you have a hole in a cabochone, just sew in a toho bead into in

Now we have just to finish the back side, using a russian beading edge, make a loop with a herring bone stitch and add instert a matching color Color ribbon voile necklace cord chain

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