Twin seed beads

Twin seed beads PreciosaSeed bead types

Today I was planning to publish a seed bead review. But searching for the information I've found this new type of sead beads made by chezh Preciosa Ornela, the fancy two-holes Twin.

Needless to say that a couple of packs with this manificent novelty has ended up in my shopping cart. So in a few weeks time, depends on the speed of our postal services, I'll be able to try it out. This type of beads is realy interesting by it's shape and the way it is used. It is oval with two holes on the flat sides ot the seed. You can buy this new type of a seed beads here an The gallery presented on the manufacturer's website show different ways on how to use this new type of beads. 

I do not know, what you feel and thing looking at these wonderful pictures, but I'm personally want to make a revision of all the glass that I have in the house, so by the time I get my own pack of Twin, I'll have everything set and ready to use

beads Twin

A mesh, made with Twin beads

Cubes, made solely with TWIN Seed using different colors and transparency. Can this be called a peyote stitch? 

Bracelet. The two types of beading is shown 

bracelet made of Twin seed beads

Beatiful stars and flowers, made using Preciosa's Twin beads

Different types of mesh

This type can also be used to imitate a herring-bone stitch. I'd prefer to add one usual bead and the end of the row, to hide a fishing line

Build a brick wall!!!

Twin seed beads are great to work with Svarovsky rivoi or facettes. There is no longer need to guess, will the central row fit the crystal! Here it is shown with a ring

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