Libra sign Gaitan

vesy 121A libra sign gaitan

I had a student recently, who wanted to make a gaitan with her zodiac sign and since both of us are libra, we did this piece of jewelry with a great pleasure. So she did the beading, and used my old camera to make this tutorial. And one thing, use Toho or Delica if you want to repeat this element, we had a shortage in our proper beads supply, so she had to use a no name chinese beads, that are not a good quality and gauge.
The stitch that we are going to use is a herring bone stitch, and we have used the following materials:

- thin fishing line or  fire-line beading thread
- scissors
- beading needle
- lighter to seal the line ends
- size 11/0 white frosted beads
- size 11/0 silver beads,
- size 11/0 glossy black beads

vesy 01

As I mentoned above, we are using a herring bone stitch and below is the pattern for this stitch
vesy 03

vesy 04

Start with a side and add two beads at a time
vesy 02

vesy 06,

vesy 07

This is what we have now, and now it is time for a fringe, add 8 white beads, one metallic silver and one black, Insert the needle into the silver bead and throught the white beads, sew them to the last related bead in a gaitan
vesy 08

For the neck part, thead on beads either randomly, or 4 white and 1 silver
vesy 09

You can make the short fringe on the top of a pendant too - add three whites and one metallic
vesy 10

As a result we have a simple necklace with the zodiac sign. I'm pretty sure, you can browse the web or draw your own pattern to create your own zodiac
vesy 11

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