Cameo beaded bracelet Lorelei

cameo and beaded bracelet LoreleiVintage beaded bracelet Lorelei

Vintage style accessories are becoming more and more popular these days and doday I'll make a small tutorial on bead embroidered bracelet, with cameo. For the Lorelei bracelet I've used a pearl shell cameo and caramel colored beads.

For this tutorial you will need:

  • Pearl shell cameo
  • sea pearls
  • faux pearls
  • crystal beads
  • Bicones MC
  • Toho beads size 11/0
  • Czech seed beads
  • Tozo cut beads
  • bugle beads
  • metal clasp
  • thin leather 
  • additionally we will need scissors, glue, needle and thread, watercolors paper and pencil

For more vintage effect, I've used honey, caramel, silver, cream, off-white and peach colored elements
набор бисера для браслета

The bracelet is made of three details, that will be joined with the help of beads and pearls

To start with, make a template, I've made the shape of a spiral shell, but first we start with the cameo

lorelei 02

glue in the cameo to leather and make a base row with a frosted silver-lined cream Toho size 11/0. You can make another row with a backstitch using matching czech beads size 11/0. it is slightly smaller than toho and will create a nice braid to fix cameo. make another row around the cabochone using a peach colored cut beads. Use this tutorial for more information on bead embroidery
lorelei 03

Carefully cut out the element, glue on leather on the reverse side and work the edge using a Russian beading edge, with a cream colored beads
lorelei 08

Now we are ready to make the side elements of the bracelet. As I mentioned earlier, I've taken the shape of a spiral sea shells, and transfered the template on the beading foundation. The contour is made with frosted gold-lined christal beads. At the corners of a wide parts sew in the river pearls and work the sides with a peach cut beads

lorelei 04

emroider around pearls with semi-circles alternating honey, beige and silver-lined beads
lorelei 05

As you can see I work on both parts of the bracelet on the same piece and at the same time, using two needles and threads, one for each detail. This way I can make sure that details will be identically symmetrical. Right into the center of a detail sew in two beige seed beads size 5/0 or 6/0. Fit another small pearl between them
lorelei 06

An the corners sew in the bicones and bugle beads, fill in the spaces with beige and honey colored beads. Cut out the details and work the edge as mentioned above.
The main part is ready, we are now have to join the parts and sew in the clasps
lorelei 07

Thread on silver bead, crystal bead, silver bead, pearl, silver bead. The other side of a joint use a reverse order for beads
lorelei 09

The bracelet is almost ready.
lorelei 10

attach a claps using a nylon thread. If you need to make a bracelet bigger, use pearls and beads to make it longer ant fit your wrist. 
lorelei 12

The very romantic vintage bracelet is ready to wear!!!
lorelei 13

lorelei 14

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