A template for peyote stitch beads

beading templateA template for peyote stitch beads

Once in a while we all end up with a need wo make a peyote stitch bead. And here is a great help for al beaders - a template from Bead&Button magasine. Using this template you can create your own patterns, using different colors and bead sizes. 
beading template pattern

To start with, make a right-angle weave with a double needle, that fits the equator of your inner bead. I usually use any big sige plastic acrylic beads that cost penny and are easy to be found in any accessories shop. Now working with each needle on it's own side, fll the pattern with peyote stitch using the template. And here is what you can get. These are all the photos from the B&B site
peyote stitch beads

Another sample of beads made using this template
BNBDW0414online 01

And the original pattern. The right-angle weave chain 

And the rest of the body with peyote stitch


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