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russian final 2How to make a russian beading emroidery edge

Children love to wear something small and bright jewelry so it's our duty to make one for them. And I just bought the big lot of defective batch of millefiori murano caboshones. Apparently thery were suppose to have the flowers on the surface, but all of them were cun and stamped in the wrong direction and flowers are hidden inside of a cabochones, and can be seen only once they brocken. But still the colorful stains make these cabochones are still look pretty, so I've usd them for little charms  so this is what I've used for this charm. Earlier I've already shown, how to do the filling aroung the cabochone . And today I'll show the smooth beading edge that is ostly used in Russa and other post-soviet countries. In short words it is the same whip stitch, but performed with a seed bead on a thread. This edge stitch is very useful if you want to work the edge with a fancy beads like magatama, drops, spikes and petals.

Now, we have a cabochone, that has to have a nice smooth edge, Just as we work with any type of edging, glue a cardboard and the leather on the other side of a cabochone and leave it to dry for half an hour. Insert the needle from the inside of our work, between the foundation and leather and get the needle on the right side of a work, very close to the last row of our embroidery

Add a bead, I've used size 11/0 light topas silver lined czech seed beads and insert the needle close to the next from bead, inserting it the wrong side thought the leather and foundation, 

Pull the thread to tighten the stitch

And form a whip edge stitch, by pulling a needle with thread through the loop

Continue working the same way aroung the all edge. As you see, you get the edge, that continues the embroidery line over the edge

Once wie finished it, you can add a herring bone stitch strap to hang a charm on a chain


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