Anaconda Transformer necklace

How to make transformer necklaceTh Anaconda transformer necklace

Today we will make a very unusual necklace and the interesting part of this piece of jewelry is that it consists of two parts, the chocker and a tie-pendant. You can wear a chocker in a day time and add the beautiful detail for coming out.  

Despite it's visible complexity, it is very easy to make such a necklace. What is important is the accuracy in measurements

We have used the following gems and beads in this necklace:

- big serpentines (6 pc.);
- medium size serpentine (3 pc.);
- labradorite (6 pc.);
- ammonites (2 pc.);
- jewelry stones(16 pc.);
- fire polished beads (1 pc.);
- glass beads (2 шт.);
- czech seed beads № 10 (beige, green, silvery-green, golden yellow);
- bugle beads(peach, bronze, red);
- chunky Chineese seed beads of bronze color;
- natural thin leather for beading foundation;
- metal clasp (1 pc.);
- junp rings (2 pc.);
- bif sewing hooks and eye fasteners (2 pc.)
- tools - paper, scissors, ruler, needles, thread, glue

Once all the materials are gathered we are ready to start the project. Take measuremens from your neck and make a template. The upper part of a necklase will be mesures approximately 22x4.5x2.5 centimeters

The size of a lower part of 15x9 centimeters

Transfer the template on a leather and glue on the big serpentine cabochones on both parts of a foundation

One will be placed on a chocker part, ther other five on the attaching tie

Work with a peyote stitch and make a ftiing for he cabochone on a chocker with a cream colored beads, and the tie ones with a bronze cut beads. Alternatively you can bead a central big cabochone with a crem beads. So far we will be working on a detachable part

Just above the central cabochone, place two ammonites and work with a chinese bronze seed beads

Above and below the central cabochone, place two labradorits horizontally and tree small serpentines at the bottom and sides
TThe small cabochones are done with silver, cream and green beads
On the chocker place and glue a big serpntine, two labradorites and two small serpentines
Work labradorites with a silver-lined crystal beads, the small serpentines with a bronze 3-cut beads
The central cabochone with a cream colores beads. Continue bead embroildery around the labradorites with green beads
Add the jewelry stones and fill them with a cream colores beads
Place a big crystal bead and embroilder with a peach colored 3cut beads all the spaces between cabochones
Add more beads and fill the surface with seed beads
From the wrong side of the chocker sew in the jump rings or the eyes for the hooks and hooks on the tie part. Make sure they match once the set is gathered

glue on a black leather on the back side of the necklace
and work with a Russian stitch over the edge using a cream cabochone
Attach a lock with a extengind chain
The necklace is ready

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