How to make rose from seed beads

beaded roseHow to tmake a rose from seeed beads

Just like any beginner, I started hoarding with cheapest seed beads, that I could find in town. In fact that was the only bead we have in local craft stores, so there are stacks and stacks of that chunky unregular beads in every crafter's stash. And most of that bead ends up in th hands of those, who make beaded flowers and trees. well, I did have a try to make a rose, and this tutorial is my attempt to work in this direction too. But it definately not my style. But anwas it's fun and very easy ty make.
So we begin and the first question is - what do we need, to made a beaded rose?

  • Red sed beads size 11/0 
  • Silver lined light topaz beads size 11/0
  • green seed beads size 11/0
  • Scissors
  • cutters
  • 0.3 mm beading wire gold plated - 25 m
  • 0,3 mm  green wire – 5 m
  • silver plated wire 3 mm – 35 cm
  • floral tape or thread

rosa biser 01

rosa biser 02

rosa biser 03

Th rose that we are going to make is made of thre rows of petals and a central petal, also it has sepals and two leaves. The first row of petals has 4 elements, second row - six petals and the last row - five petals.
Let's begin with a central one. Take 47 centimeters of a golden wire and measure about 10 cm (4 inches) of wire fold it and twist about 3 centimeters loop

rosa biser 04

The short wire is the base of our petal that we will twist around a longer one. strung 6 red beads on a short wire and 8 on a long one
rosa biser 05

Wrap a long wire around the short one one time
rosa biser 06

Thread 10 red beads, follow down to the base of the petal and make another twist there
rosa biser 07

Strung 19 cm of red beads and secure the end of a wire
rosa biser 08
keep adding rows for the petal, every time increasing the amount of beads on each side. On the last row, thread the short end of a wire into beads 
rosa biser 09

and finish the petal by twisting all wires at the bottom. 
For the petasl of a secons row, take a 60 cm wire and using the pattern above make petals with central beginning 10 beads, but the last third row make using a "golden" beads. And we need 4 petals for this row  
rosa biser 12

Make six petals for the second row. They should be the same, but with 3 red rows and the last golden one
rosa biser 10

THe petals for the last row are made on three wires. Cut the wire - 76 and 22 cm long, fold the short one in half and twist with a long one
rosa biser 13

strung three beads on each wire and twist the ends to shape a circle
rosa biser 14

rosa biser 15

add 5 more beads to complete a circle
rosa biser 16

rosa biser 17

Strung 42 cm of beads and make 5 rows, increasing the amount of beads evenly. The last row is made with a golden beads. Make 5 petals
rosa biser 11

It is time to start the modelling the rose, take 25 cm of a thick wire and make a loop on it. Add a first central petal and fix it on a base wire. Keep adding the petals of each new row, distributing them evenly
For the sepals thread 16 cm of a green seed beads, twist the wire as we did for the petals and addd 18 beads for the base wire. Twist the wire with 20 beads around the base wirerosa biser 18

Fix the base wire inside the beads and complete the central part
rosa biser 19

To make a first eaf indent, count down 8 beads from the top and pass the working wire underneath it, wrap the wire to fix it on a sting
rosa biser 20

And return to the leafe base. Repeat for the other side
rosa biser 21

The rose sepal is ready
rosa biser 22
rosa biser 23
Leaves are made using the same pattern, just make one more indent, using a longer wire and more beads
rosa biser 24

Add leaves to the rose, wrat the stem with a floral tape of a cotton thread. The seed bead rose if ready
rosa biser 25

rosa biser final

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