A chain stitch fishing line necklace

chainstitch necklace Chainstitch necklace

This lovely airy necklace made of a fishing line is probably the first big project, that russian beaders start their jewelry-making career. In russian we call it airy, and it has a double meaning. First of all - the necklace elements are hanging in the air, if you choose a thin fishing line. And the second - it is made of a chain stitch, or as we call it air stitch. This type of a bijoux is very simple, and yet very impressive. I've personally became interested in beading after seeing this wonderful necklace. The best point is, that you do not need any specific knowledge to make it - just a chainstitch with a crochet hook. Let's have a look on how it is made.

To make it you need a set of beads upon your choice - seed beads of different size and matching color, 3-6 mm fire-polished beads, crystals, or any other type of beads. You can use a bead mixes that are sold in shops if you are not sure on che color choice. A fishing line - I use 0.2-0.35 mm range of line. 2-2.5 mm crochet hook. A beading needle. Eye pin. Bead caps and crab-lock.  Jewelers pliers

Prepare a bead mix, and thread at least 4 meters on a fishing line. Leave at least 20 cm(8 inched) of line unused and start to crochet

Using a crochet hook, make 3 chain stitches without any beads, and start working adding 1-2 small seed beads, make a space for bigger beads with 1-3 empty chain stitches. We will need these gaps when gathering a necklace

As a result we'll have about 12-15 meters of a nylon chain. DO NOT cut if of the spoon yet. And now we have to gather it together. There are many ways to put it. Some crafters use two nails in which they hang the future design, some draw a trapezium on a cardboard. I found a better way. I've used a quilt blanket with parallel stitches on it.

Using a pin, attach a beginning of a chain

Measure the desired size of the future necklace from 45 to 60 cm, and pin the chain on the aproppriate length. Make sure that the chain lays freely but does not hang

Since thedistance between stitches on a blanket are about 1 cm, and remembering the school's course of geometry and triangles, the secong raw of the lace will be 5-7 mm longer than a first raw. Lay it freely and pin it in the same vertical line as a first

The third raw has to be 5-7 mm bigger than a second one, and 1-1.5 longer than a first one. Thus measure the desired length to the left of a first pin and fix the chain. And at this point you may already appreciate the gap that we have left before and after big beads

Keep on punning the chain until is it completely used. We'll have pins set straight on the right side

And approximately 45 degree on the left

This is how it looks. The amount of raws should be odd. I usually make from 19 to 29 raws. If you have ran out of chain, spin extra fishing line from a spool, cut it, thread addithional beads and continue to crochet until the neccessaty length is reached

Open the loop of the eye-pin and start gathering. Beginning from the left bottom corner collect all loops that are on pins. Try not to twist the necklace. Once all threads are on the pin, close the loop with thin-nose pliers

Perform the same with the other side. Using a beading needle tie all threads together, make 3-4 knots on each side of a eye pin. Using a lighter melt the free end of a fishing line to form a nylon ball but do not let it too close to the knot

Wear a bead caps and attach a lock and a jumpring.

The airy necklace is ready

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