Russian beaded cord

Russian beaded cordHow to crochet a Russian beaded coed

I love to make beaded jewelry. And my favorite is a embroidered cabochone that can be places on a chain, scarf or arr some beads on a string. But why do you have to limit yourself to these types of jewelry? Why not to make a beaded cord that will match the embroidery of your pendant and create a balanced necklace? In this tutorial I will show you how to make a Russian beaded cord, using a cotton thread and a crochet hook.
For this tutorial I've used seed beads size 5/0 and 6/0, thread Altin Basak Maxi size 10, crochet hook 1 mm. And this is what I recommed you too, since it is easier to learn on a bigger object and then later start working with a tiny beads. For smaller beads you can use size 30-50 threads and finer hook.
As you start, you may find that first three rows are confusing and messy, you may even need to unravel and do it over again, that is absolutely normal. Once you get into the point of bead placing and reach row three, is will become much easier. You will get more experienced and each cord will be easier to make. So enjoy your new beading skills!

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