Baroque woven bead

baroque bead tutorialBaroque bead tutorial

Many years ago. when I just started studying beading, I've met a talented beader Olga Arsentyeva. She has designed beautiful jewelry with woven beads, that she called Baroque beads. She also did a small tutorial for the advanced beaders on her design, but still many things were still unclear. It took me some time and many attempts to make this bead and finally success. Olga was very kind allowing me to make another tutorial for the beginners, so here it is. 

For this bead we will need following materials and tools:
4 fire polished beads size 6 mm - dark amethyst color
2 fire polished beads size 8 mm - dark amethyst color
pale amethist frosted Toho seed beads size 11/0
dark violet iris Toho seeds beads size 11/0
Nylon thread(monothread)
needle, scissors,
eye pin

It is better to use a size 8-9/0 czech beads for the accent points, but I could not find the right color, so I used Toho Iris 11/0
baroque bead

Thread on 4 beads sized 6 mm and make a circle by pulling a needle through the first bead. Make about 40 cm of thread but do not cut the extra from a bobbin. We will need the other side of a thread later in the beading process.
baroque 02

add 6 frosted toho 11/0 beads. If you use a bigger fire polished beads, add more seeds, just keep the number even. Now we are going to perform a usual backstitch with a needle, just passing through beads. Return to the first bead from the opposite direction from where the thread comes out
baroque 03

Pass the needle though the neighbouring bead 
baroque 04

We have a first beaded arch. Now place on a needle 5 frosted beads and insert the needle into the last seed bead of an arch
baroque 05

And then into the current bead and the next one, just like we did with a previous
baroque 06

Work the same way with a third arch and bead. Before we start the last arch. pass the needle thought the first frosted seed of a first ach
baroque 07

add 4 frosted beads and complete the row
baroque 08

Complete the other side of a bead the same way. The working thread is coming out of a fire polished bead
baroque 09

Now we have a ready base of the bead that now should be embroidered with an Iris beads. Add an iris bead and insert the needle into the base of a nearest arch and through 2 more seed beads(total 3 beads)
baroque 10

Add another iris bead and continue to the base of the arch, though the frosted beads. Now you mayunderstand, why the bigger size seeds are required here, but even now it looks OK with the same size. 
baroque 11

Add another iris and continue to another side of a bead. Work in sinus order, until you place all the beads between arches, and complete both sides separately, adding the missing iris beads on top of arches. Secure the thread on ove side and use the other side of a thread to complete the second half of a bead
baroque 12

The only thing is left - place a beaded frame on a 8 mm beads. Place a big bead on an eye pin, place a frame, add second 8 mm bead and make another eye on the pin. The Baroque bead is ready! You can use it in your jewelry designs
baroque 13

This is a base design, you can change the colors and size of beads, to match your needs

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