How to prepare a mari

Preparing mariHow to prepare mari

One of my recent new fields of interests is Japanese embroidery called temari. It is the type of embroidery that you make on the surface of a ball, called mari
Traditionally mari were maid out of cloth and yarn leftovers, but that makes them very heavy. In our country I'm trying to introduce this type of art, but the only time when it becomes popular os the Christmas. So I had to make something light that can be placed on a Christmas tree, and styrofoam balls became really handy! They are balls with ideal surface and easy for beginners to make a perfect mari to make. So you can buy them in the local craft shop. Also you will need a skein of a lace weight wool or semi-wool yarn and some sewing threads. Plus you need a bit of patience and about half an hour of time to prepare the base for your embroidery masterpiece. So let's get started! I've made a video tutorial so you will not have any problems with it.

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