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An aran pillow

aran pillow free patternI'm a beginning designer, and sometimes I dare to publish me own patterns. Most of them will be published for free. As you know, creating a new design takes weeks, to calculate, design and knit, so this part of the site will not be updated that often, but I'll keep my best and publish at least 1 free pattern a month. Also I use turkish yarn, but I'll try to find the similar types for the europian and US yarn brands.

This summer I was so tired of old sofa pillows, that decided make them a new owtfit. And as a great aran fan I had no other choice but to knit a pillow cover. I've used a 100% mercerised cotton, soft and silky it is really nice to touch. The yarn used in this pillow is DK / 8 ply (11 wpi) type
The pattern is really simple, if you've knitted arans before, it will not give you any trouble to make.Pattern descriptions background worked in reverse stocking stitch - right rows - purl, wrong side - knit stitches
Cable and aran charts: 

zigzag 12 stitches- chart 1,

main braid - 17 stitches - chart 2

diamonds 24 stitches chart 3, 

Cable 1 - chart 4 

1cable 2 - chart 5 

The tension(gauge) 26.5 stitches x 32 rows = 10x10 cm
You'll need 4 4 skeins of Miya AltynBasak (50 gr/125 m) or 2 skeins Bahar Alize (100 gr/260 m) or Diva Alize(100% microfiber acrylic), 3 mm knitting needles, a tapestry needle

Cast on 106 stitches and knit in following order: An edge stitch, 3 purl reverse stockinette stitch, 6 stitches cable 1, 2 rev st st, 12 stitches zigzag pattern, 17 stitched of main braid, 24 st diamond pattern,  17 st basic braid, 12 st zigzag pattern, 2 rev st st, 6 st cable 2, 3 rev st st, an edge stitch. Repeat chart diamonds 16 times, until the cover is reached 80 cm. Bind off, sew the sides with a tapestry needle, wear the cover on pillow and sew with a stockinette seam.The cosy pillow is ready to use


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